[RE-wrenches] Radian and Fortress incident

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Adding to this, I've had one early Fortress Evault that had a mosfet on the
BMS smoke during startup. We ended up replacing the BMS under warranty due
to the fact that the unit was in a very difficult location, and removal of
the whole unit would have been interesting.  We've had no further incidents
that that unit or any others in that capacity.  I'd be very interested to
see exactly what happened here.


Subject: [RE-wrenches] Radian and Fortress incident
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Greetings Peter,

I created a new subject line out William's previous ?utility transformer?
thread for your incident. Any more details surface about this installation?
Eflex or Evault? Were all the settings programmed by yourself or someone
else you trust? Installed to specifications provided by each manufacturer?
Do you know if it was charging by PV controllers or the Radian at time of
fire? One battery of an entire bank that failed? Physical connections
appear to all be of full integrity? I?ve had a control board on a Radian
completely melt and appear to have been on fire for a brief moment due to
extended operation pushing current limits on the AC side but my experience
with the Eflex has been great so far other than a minor firmware snag
initially. Only reason I used it instead of Blue Ion was due to their lack
of an exterior cabinet compared to the Eflex?s IP65 rating. Hope you can
provide more details once you have time to fully investigate. Highly likely
I will be responsible for both of these
 products on future projects.

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