[RE-wrenches] SMA inverterters with SPS

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Been waiting on a Fronius for a 3.8kW for 2 months have an older system that had a low voltage array that is below the strike voltages of their “replacement” inverters…… Ahhhn the joys of Solar installation.
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> Good morning folks!
> Been interesting to see that both SMA and Fronius inverters ar no longer available thru our normal distribution channels.  All their residential models seem to be unavailable with our distributors not having any idea on return to availability.  Anyone know why both of these string inverter options seem to have evaporated....are they gone for good?  
> WE have a client looking to do a system with 3 - 5kW inverters with the SPS.  The SPS being the feature they are after.  Anyone have insight into this availability issue or know where to get some of those inverters? Mike Mahon?
> Would appreciate any insight.  
> Thanks. 
> Sunny Regards,
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