[RE-wrenches] partial data loss Mate 3s

Tuss, Lones lones.tuss at enersys.com
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Hello Mac
Thanks for taking my phone call and providing the optics site name.
In looking at the site there does seem to be strange things occurring.
I am noticing missing fields on the optics site the Multiphase heading for the Mate3S on the Device Map is missing. Also, as I see the AGS information does seem to vary. I have not seen this behavior before. I would ask that you have the customer depower the Mate then repower it back up. Please let me know when the customer does this. If it keeps happening, I can only assume it was somehow damaged by the lightening. I am curious if the AGS setting as displayed on the Mate3S itself are changing. If they are not perhaps the Optics processor on the Mate3S is suspect.
   But I will continue to monitor. I will say once programmed I have never seen the AGS setting change in this manner. Interesting.
I hope this helps.
Thank you for using Optics it sure does help when situations arise.
Take Care Sir

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Hello Wrenches,

I am trying to figure out a tricky problem.  I have a customer with a Mate 3s, most current firmware 1.4.7 paired with a radian and a couple of FM60s and some Lithium batteries.  We have experienced partial data loss, particularly of the Mate 3s generator start parameters.  These parameters seem to go back to defaults and it defaults to an AGS disabled state.

  At first I thought it was due to electrical storms, because we've had quite a bit of lightning lately, but now I'm not sure.  The Cat6 run is about 80' or something like that, so it could be some induction.

Anyone seen anything like this?  Same parameters were lost from first data loss to following data loss.  Kind of strange.  I haven't visited the site so I may not b getting the full picture.



Mac Lewis

"Yo solo sé que no sé nada." -Sócrates

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