[RE-wrenches] Early Hurricane Ian Report

Jason Szumlanski jason at floridasolardesigngroup.com
Sat Oct 1 04:25:50 PDT 2022

I stayed home. I'm close to the river, but on high enough ground that I was
pretty certain storm surge would not be an issue.

The hardest part is getting employees back to work because everyone is
affected in one way or another, and trucks can't roll without reliable fuel
sources.and I can't have guys waiting hours in line for fuel only for the
station to run out before they get to the front. I really want to start
helping the affected, but it's going to be slow going.

I have two battery jobs half-installed that I really want to complete.

Oh, and there's the hole in my own roof caused by a 6 inch branch that
turned into a missile. Like a true solar contractor I got on the roof in
gale winds, yanked it out, and slipped in some flashing fashioned out of a
Rubbermaid bin that I cut up. I guess I have to deal with that at some

Thanks for the best wishes and concern.


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> I wish you the best in your efforts of repair and replacement. Did you
> evacuate or end up toughing it out through the hurricane?
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>> Widespread devastation, but only a handful of reported PV failures.
>> Sanibel Island was thrashed and nobody has installed more panels there than
>> we have. Post-storm aerial imagery shows that almost all systems survived.
>> A couple of flat roof pitched systems had about 20% of panels break free
>> with mounts and rails still intact base on what I can see.
>> Mainland systems are largely intact with some having single or few panels
>> plucked from random areas of arrays.
>> No word yet on FPL's utility scale systems in Charlotte County. Suspect
>> no major damage.
>> There will be lots of roofs that need replacement where the PV system is
>> unscathed. 5 years after Hurricane Irma and results are similar, maybe even
>> more successful. That doesn't comfort the affected. Sad stories everywhere.
>> More to come. Triage mode now.
>> Jason Szumlanski
>> Florida Solar Design Group
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