[RE-wrenches] Onboard PV Charging Kit for Electric Vehicle

Corey Shalanski coresolar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 00:00:19 PDT 2022


One of my friends converted his 1955 Ford F100 pickup truck into an
electric vehicle. He also had a nifty (mechanized) racking assembly
installed in the bed that can deploy a fold-out 3-module PV array at the
push of a button. If you aren't yet salivating, please see the attached

He would like to add an 'onboard off-grid' battery + inverter kit that
would essentially allow the truck to *plug into itself* (or, more
correctly, into the sun). My first question is if anyone has ever attempted
anything like this? or knows of a similar project?

I'm taking suggestions for your favorite off-grid kit components
(make/model)—system specs as follows:

   - Inverter: preferably around 3–4 kW output rating, can be either 120 or
   120/240 Vac output since the EV charger is rated for both
   - Batteries: we're thinking LFP for the chemistry, around 3–4 kWh @ 80%
   DOD, bank voltage would depend on inverter model (or the other way around,
   if you prefer)
   - Charge Controller: wiring the modules in series would give 900 W / 118
   Voc / 10 A Isc
   - Battery SOC Meter: ideally can be mounted on dashboard

Thanks in advance for any electrifying ideas the group can offer!

Corey Shalanski
Jah Light Solar
Portland, Jamaica
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