[RE-wrenches] Early Hurricane Ian Report

Kirk Herander kirkh at vermont.solar
Sat Oct 1 01:46:36 PDT 2022

I wish you the best in your efforts of repair and replacement. Did you
evacuate or end up toughing it out through the hurricane?

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> Widespread devastation, but only a handful of reported PV failures.
> Sanibel Island was thrashed and nobody has installed more panels there than
> we have. Post-storm aerial imagery shows that almost all systems survived.
> A couple of flat roof pitched systems had about 20% of panels break free
> with mounts and rails still intact base on what I can see.
> Mainland systems are largely intact with some having single or few panels
> plucked from random areas of arrays.
> No word yet on FPL's utility scale systems in Charlotte County. Suspect no
> major damage.
> There will be lots of roofs that need replacement where the PV system is
> unscathed. 5 years after Hurricane Irma and results are similar, maybe even
> more successful. That doesn't comfort the affected. Sad stories everywhere.
> More to come. Triage mode now.
> Jason Szumlanski
> Florida Solar Design Group
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