[RE-wrenches] Battery Monitor for Li

Chris Sparadeo sparadeo.chris at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 13:43:26 PDT 2022

Hi Matt,

I typically like to keep battery monitors consistent with inverter
manufacturers. Outback and Schneider Electric and Magnum offer good native
battery monitors that, when tuned in correctly, work well with LFP.

That being said, I have definitely used the Victron BMV 712 paired with
SimpliPhi and hand full of times with great results. It’s a shunt based
monitor with easy installation and Bluetooth connectivity. Accuracy is
nowhere near closed loop, however if programmed correctly, it’s a helpful

I do wish that SimpliPhi would develop a plug in BMS display for their
AmpliPHI series, similar to the Discover AES Link. This is where the
Fortress eVault really gets it right.



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> Hello Friends,
> I have an off-grid customer for whom I recently installed some SimpliPhi
> 3.8kW batteries.  This is an older system and it has a Trimetric battery
> monitor that the homeowners have used for years to keep an eye on their
> battery bank.
> The SimpliPhi batteries appear to be working fine at the site, but the
> homeowners feel uneasy b/c the Trimetric is reporting that they are
> finishing each charging cycle with an amp-hour deficit.  The voltage of the
> SimpliPhi batteries indicate that they are getting fully charged and are
> doing so fairly early in the AM (solar is the primary power source).
> I've spoken with SimpliPhi tech folks and their hunch is that the
> Trimetric is not reporting correctly.  They suggested that a Victron
> BMV-712 would be more accurate at tracking Percent Full etc...
> Do you folks think that the Victron is better at counting Ah in/out for Li
> batteries?  Or is the Trimetric adequate - do I maybe just need to adjust
> the settings?
> Anyway, the implication that the Victron BMV was better at monitoring Li
> batteries has me curious and I will enjoy hearing what the group thinks.
> Thanks for your time!
> -Matt
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Chris Sparadeo

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