[RE-wrenches] Has anyone ever had one of his customers get a note from SolarEdge like this one?

scot.arey at solarcentex.com scot.arey at solarcentex.com
Mon Aug 15 16:55:03 PDT 2022

We just had the second SE7600 Energy Hub internal error in a year at one of
our sites. Our customer none too pleased as you might imagine. We send in
pics to SolarEdge and they say they are assessing since this is 2nd inverter
failure. Customer gets super upset and calls SE to be told - and I'm
summarizing - oh, your installer didn't send in what we need.


Huh? We sent in the pics as requested and were told they were assessing and
not once have we been asked for further details or better pics, even after
we called back for updates.

The customer insists to SE, "send me new inverter" and SE sends this
attached note to the customer. I almost fell over.I've put in hundreds and
hundreds of SolarEdge to include many dual-inverter/BUI/storage systems and
to have a tech roll me and my company under the bus like this is stunning.


Has this happened to anyone else? 


P.S. - I tried calling SE today for support and was told the wait was "116
minutes." This just isn't working. I can't be the only one.

Posted this on LinkedIn a month ago - no retractions:



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