[RE-wrenches] XW Grid Support or?

Dave Angelini Offgrid Solar offgridsolar at sti.net
Fri Dec 23 13:44:29 PST 2022

It can be done but it is not an easy job. You are 2 generations of XW 

XW+ was good at this and XW pro was designed for this
along with being able to charge based on Soc (from the BMS) as well as 

Is this an insured home?  You might need a permit as this has to be 
legal for your area.  Out west of you is what we do.   Good Luck !

The main impact of Rule 21 for solar installers is that any of your 
installations in the state of California must now use Rule-compliant 
  In effect, these are smart inverters that have been certified as UL 
1741-SA or that are listed on the California Energy Commission's 
compliant inverter

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On 2022-12-21 5:23 am, Jeremy Rodriguez via RE-wrenches wrote:

> I've inherited a XW. 6048 system that we just installed a LiFePO4 
> battery bank with.
> Has anyone successfully used Grid Support with Sell disabled?
> This system never had an Interconnection Agreement with the utility co 
> so it cannot sell.
> Currently we have :
> AC charger on , Multi Stage
> PV input
> Sell disabled
> Grid Support disabled
> There is no TOU metering.
> Regards,
> Jeremy Rodriguez
> Solar Installation / Design
> All Solar, Inc.
> 1453 M St.
> Penrose Colorado 81240
> Sent by Jeremy's iPhone. Sorry for typos and shorthand.
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