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Dave Tedeyan dave at sungineersolar.com
Tue Dec 20 13:17:52 PST 2022

Hi All,

I have a system where the solar panels (with Enphase IQ8) are on a detached
garage and the IQ gateway is in the house. The gateway is in the house so
that it can gather consumption data, and there is an internet connection
there. There are other loads in the garage, so it is impossible to get a
production CT to the gateway that will register only the solar production.
When I go through the commissioning in the installer toolkit, I can verify
that the consumption CT's are installed and working properly. I've been
having a tough time getting consumption and production data to display
correctly in Enlighten because the production meter is not enabled.

After many calls to tech support we finally have it set up that the
production meter is enabled, but Enlighten is displaying the measurements
from the microinverters. Then when the solar is backfeeding, the CT's
register a negative value (as it should) and flags an error message. I have
finally been able to get Enphase to just make that message go away. The
last piece of the puzzle, which I do not know yet is: Does anyone know
whether the consumption data will properly take into account the production
data from the microinverters, or will it try to use the production data
from the production CT which is now enabled, even though Enlighten displays
the microinverter production data.

I hope that all made sense. I am surprised that this is such an issue with
Enlighten, so was just wondering if others have had better experiences when
there is consumption CT's but no production CT's.


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