[RE-wrenches] solar lease questions

jay jay.peltz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 15:34:05 PST 2022

HI All,

I”ve got a friend in hawaii, big island near Kona  that is looking at a sun run lease and she’s asking me questions.

I’m not that familiar with the electric rates nor the games that Sun Run is doing. 

They are pushing a 20 yr lease with the following system:
38 x 400 watt panels
2 x SE 3.8kw
2 x power wall
it will offset 120% of her load
loan is $398 month/ 20 yrs which is $95,000

My first really big question is thats 15.2kw on 7.6kw of inverter?  That doesn’t sound right, 2 x DC/AC ratio?
Does it make sense to have the batteries?

And if you paid for the system outright, what would that be in Hawaii?

Any and all help and advice is welcome,
or if there any installers near there, that would also be helpful.


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