[RE-wrenches] Enphase IQ8 to ESS Ratio

Jason Szumlanski jason at floridasolardesigngroup.com
Mon Dec 5 14:14:05 PST 2022

I have seen in press releases that there is no limit to the number of IQ8
microinverters on the roof relative to the battery size. I can't remember
if I saw this in Enphase marketing or directly in the documentation. But in
reality, there is a limit. It's 64A of inverter output current since the
Smart Controller only accepts an 80A PV breaker. This is a limitation of
the rapid shutdown functionality.

With IQ7 there is a 1.5x limit for PV to the battery inverter output
rating. However, you can actually install 96A of inverter output. You can
have up to 64A on the PV breaker and up to 32A on the load side of the
smart controller (or any combination up to 96A inverter output rating as
long as the PV breaker component does not exceed 80A).

Am I missing something here? It seems like the IQ8 is very limiting if you
need a lot of PV paired with a maxed-out battery system. That's a
strong reason to use IQ7 over IQ8 in some scenarios.

Jason Szumlanski
Florida Solar Design Group
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