[RE-wrenches] Large current battery combiners, UL Listing

William Miller william at millersolar.com
Fri Dec 2 12:39:00 PST 2022


I am gearing up to tap some more copper.  I assume this is a pertinent
subject since bus bars are going to be needed frequently for any storage

I bought the fancy drill press with the tapping function and I am setting
it up.  I ran a few tests and the functionality of the tool is pretty
amazing.  I still need to work on programming it to reverse when needed.  I
am close.  I also ordered a cross vise for part holding.

I found this tutorial
on line that has provided me with some valuable insight on different styles
of taps.


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No, I haven't. I'll do some testing tomorrow as we have 60 holes/taps to do
in the above mentioned bussing

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             Are you using kerosene as a cutting fluid?  We've had
better luck with that in softer than steel metals.


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On 9/11/2022 7:00 PM, Michael Morningstar via RE-wrenches wrote:
> We've gotten around needing UL listings for one-off in house
> fabrication by running things through a licensed engineer. Right now
> we are building a gutter bus which has two 1/2" x 4" x 20' copper bars
> in a 10" x 10" gutter. We are using 2" x 9" x 9" UDPM plates with
> slots routed out for the bars as insulators. This is for 24 Discover
> AES and 8 Sol-Ark's. It usually costs about 1K to have an engineer
> sign off on our designs.
> I'd be interested in learning tricks for tapping 3/8" in thick copper.
> I've never been able to get consistent results and resort to
> thru-bolting.

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