[RE-wrenches] AC coupling multiple OB Radian inverters

Kirk Herander kirkh at vermont.solar
Thu Dec 1 09:21:39 PST 2022

When AC coupling using 2 or more OB radian inverters, it is only the master
inverter(at least that's where ac-coupling status shows as "yes") which can
be set to, and perform "ac-coupling", correct? The Mate3s option to enable
AC-coupling does not specify individual ports(inverters) to select and
The other inverter(s) will pass their share of the GTI PV through to the
grid regardless.

I ask because I was talking to OB tech support today on another issue for a
2 Radian AC-coupled system. They told me that all Radians needed to be set
to AC-coupling, but there is no option to do it in the Mate3s. When I
mentioned that, he said the Mate had to be unplugged from the hub and into
the slave inverter directly to do it. But I don't think that's correct.

And besides, if the ac-coupling setting only enables a frequency shift,
that's all we need to knock the GTI offline.

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