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Daniel Young danny at sesre.com
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Hello Wrenches,

Any experience successfully submitting a performance warranty claim with SunPower on their solar modules? Right now, in order to Provide what they are asking for, we will likely spend more time/money testing to their satisfaction than it would cost for us to likely buy new modules and just replace the array.

Anybody have a similar experience? Or suggestions on how to deal with Sunpower?

Don't want to bog this down with all the details but suffice to say we I-V traced the array at the string level as a sanity check (7-10 % lower than anticipated performance), and a random selection of individual modules as well and we are seeing roughly 8% lower performance than expected given the array age and listed performance warranty. (STC corrected I-V trace is 8% lower than it should be for an 8 year old solar module from SunPower)

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