[RE-wrenches] Fortress Battery Problems

Jerry Shafer jerrysgarage01 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 12:36:35 PST 2022

Wrenches and Ray
So did you properly configuer the master slave battery config, I have
several set up with no issues SOC is within1 to 2% and volatge is the same,
what inverter/chargers are you using are you still connnected to bat temp
sensors I assume there is no connection to the inverter(s)

On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 11:02 AM Ray Walters via RE-wrenches <
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> Greetings Fellow Wrenches;
> Based on glowing reports from the RE list, I finally used Fortress for a
> battery replacement for a long time customer. Overall, it seems to be a
> better solution than others I've seen. However, we are having issues.
> First the two batteries are supposed to be linked together in a master/
> slave configuration, but they charge and discharge unevenly, and have
> SOC often 20% different.   Batteries are connected to a common buss with
> equal length 4/0 cables.
> I've been truly disappointed with Fortress customer support. First, I've
> called multiple times over the past two weeks, and never got through to
> anyone.  Their online support system is quite flawed as well, and I had
> a very difficult time even setting up a support ticket.  Now I can't
> even log in to view the support ticket, and I've only received one email
> back asking if I had properly paralleled the batteries.
> Has anyone else had a hard time with Fortress support?  Does anyone have
> a direct contact?  Customer is beyond pissed now, after almost 2 weeks
> hearing nothing, and having spent tens of thousands.
> Thanks;
> Ray Walters
> Remote Solar
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