[RE-wrenches] Fortress Battery Problems

Ray Walters ray at solarray.com
Wed Nov 16 10:58:54 PST 2022

Greetings Fellow Wrenches;

Based on glowing reports from the RE list, I finally used Fortress for a 
battery replacement for a long time customer. Overall, it seems to be a 
better solution than others I've seen. However, we are having issues.  
First the two batteries are supposed to be linked together in a master/ 
slave configuration, but they charge and discharge unevenly, and have 
SOC often 20% different.   Batteries are connected to a common buss with 
equal length 4/0 cables.

I've been truly disappointed with Fortress customer support. First, I've 
called multiple times over the past two weeks, and never got through to 
anyone.  Their online support system is quite flawed as well, and I had 
a very difficult time even setting up a support ticket.  Now I can't 
even log in to view the support ticket, and I've only received one email 
back asking if I had properly paralleled the batteries.

Has anyone else had a hard time with Fortress support?  Does anyone have 
a direct contact?  Customer is beyond pissed now, after almost 2 weeks 
hearing nothing, and having spent tens of thousands.


Ray Walters
Remote Solar

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