[RE-wrenches] SolArk and Tigo compatibility

Kirpal solarworks at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 06:52:47 PST 2022

Assuming there will be 48V batteries in the system - connect the
Tigo transmitter via a 48V to 12V power supply and come off of the battery
bussing.  If there are no batteries now, use the 120V-12V power supply
from the backed up loads panel - then when they get batteries that panel
will remain live even during power outage and allow panels to remain on
even with grid outage. You will need to install an additional rapid
shutdown switch in line with power to the transmitter if rapid shutdown is
required or desired..  If there are no batteries now, then solar can't stay
on anyway during power outages..
Sunny Regards,
Kirpal Khalsa
Oregon LRT#25
Oregon Solarworks LLC

On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 6:33 AM Christopher Warfel via RE-wrenches <
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> Hi, We are doing our first system with these two devices. The inverter is
> SolArk 12P (mutimode) and the Tigo product for RS is the TS4F.  Tigo has me
> a little bit walking in circles.
> I told them that SolArk says not to use the 12VDC RS output terminals for
> connecting the transmitter.  I gave them the attached drawing which they
> ask for, which shows the transmitter connected to a 120VAC/12VDC breaker
> which they supply.  They told me to wire the 120VAC source to the main
> service panel so the array would shut down on loss of power. I told them
> that is exactly NOTwhat I wanted to happen as that would stop the battery
> charging when there is a loss of utility power. I said I wanted the 120VAC
> source to be the back up loads panel. After about a week of calls and
> emails, I got an email back saying to use the SolArk 12VDC terminals for
> RS.  I just emailed them a screen shot of the SolArk manual that says not
> to do that.
> At this point, I am asking anyone on the list to let me know how they
> wired the transmitter successfully. Thank you for any guidance, Chris Warfel
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