[RE-wrenches] LG Chem RESU warranty

Dave Angelini Offgrid Solar offgridsolar at sti.net
Mon Nov 14 11:17:29 PST 2022

Check the charge rates !  It is from LG and I know they are different 
voltages. My experience is old and not on the new gear.

They are from LG who after working directly with them......

Either way, there are too many good choices out there to be installing 
NMC batteries in or near a home these days.

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On 2022-11-14 9:32 am, scot.arey at solarcentex.com wrote:

I think we are discussing different batteries.

The LG Prime 16 is a high voltage 400-volt battery compatible with 
SolarEdge that operates at that same nominal voltage.

I have heard of a 48-volt LG but it is not out in large quantities, if 
at all,  and is not the one I am referring to.

The LG Prime 16 undoubtedly has higher charge/discharge rates than the 
LG Resu 10.

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I wish I shared your optimism Scott on the  LG Prime 16 being better 
battery than the LG Resu10. When I field tested the Resu 10 with
Schneider in 2017,
the specs on the unleased 48VResu 16 were the same for charge and 
discharge as the Resu10. You would think the larger battery would be 
but it was not. The same BMS I would guess.

The fact that you can't use any of these LG batteries without the loop 
closed to the inverter is a serious flaw (they shut down without the 
  that people like Discover AES learned from. Something very wrong that 
LG is still in the dark ages of a home battery, in my opinion.

AES did not carry out this poor design policy and built the perfect LFP 
for my clients and my wife and I.
  LG is NMC and even advertised them installed in a Kitchen?

We killed the Resu 10 with too much XW charge current BTW. The dead ones 
went out to the desert of California to be recycled. Another story.....

Dave Angelini Offgrid Solar

"we go where powerlines don't"


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On 2022-11-14 7:02 am, Scot Arey via RE-wrenches wrote:

Quite honestly this has been a complete nightmare but progress has been 

We have 7 or so batteries under recall and 3 that needed warranty 
support. We waited for....nine months...until the first replacements and 
that was only because our office manager was a woman on a mission and 
incessantly calling and emailing.

LG seems to have improved its position and has replaced in a more timely 
way some of the failed batteries.

I'm hoping the LG Prime 16 is a better battery than the LG Resu10. Seems 
so and I like the high discharge capability that really pairs well with 
a SE11400 Energy Hub inverter. We've had one warranty of a Prime 16.

Feel free to contact me offline to makew sure you have the right numbers 
and POCs. There have been some personnel changes made and I assume that 
was to make improvements.

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Have any of you waiting for repair / replacement of these battery packs 
had any success in the last year?

I have -3- deemed defective units. One was sent back, over a year ago, 
still no word from LG on replacement status.

The other -2- have been awaiting return boxes for over 6 - 9 months.

My many requests for status have gone without reply from LG - I have 
been using the latest contact info to my knowledge.

Any thoughts / experiences on this nightmare subject?

FYI - none of my failed units were on their recall lists!!!


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