[RE-wrenches] LG Chem RESU warranty

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Quite honestly this has been a complete nightmare but progress has been made.


We have 7 or so batteries under recall and 3 that needed warranty support. We waited for….nine months…until the first replacements and that was only because our office manager was a woman on a mission and incessantly calling and emailing. 


LG seems to have improved its position and has replaced in a more timely way some of the failed batteries.


I’m hoping the LG Prime 16 is a better battery than the LG Resu10. Seems so and I like the high discharge capability that really pairs well with a SE11400 Energy Hub inverter. We’ve had one warranty of a Prime 16.


Feel free to contact me offline to makew sure you have the right numbers and POCs. There have been some personnel changes made and I assume that was to make improvements.






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Have any of you waiting for repair / replacement of these battery packs had any success in the last year?

I have -3- deemed defective units. One was sent back, over a year ago, still no word from LG on replacement status.

The other -2- have been awaiting return boxes for over 6 - 9 months.


My many requests for status have gone without reply from LG - I have been using the latest contact info to my knowledge.

Any thoughts / experiences on this nightmare subject?


FYI - none of my failed units were on their recall lists!!!



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