[RE-wrenches] Accuracy of Enphase consumption monitoring

Jason Szumlanski jason at floridasolardesigngroup.com
Thu Oct 27 08:59:49 PDT 2022

I received this question from a non-client:

*On a daily basis, FPL [Florida Power and Light]  (per their app)
consistently shows a 20 to 40% (higher) difference in what they delivered
and received vs what Enphase app shows as imported and exported. My
installer can not explain why. Any ideas?*

Incidentally, I have noticed issues with this. The import and export
figures don't seem to match up. I'm wondering if it could be time zone
issues or just the accuracy or sampling frequency. Even over longer
timeframes the data does not line up with utility figures.

(Yes, all circuits are being monitored in these cases)

Any thoughts?

Jason Szumlanski
Florida Solar Design Group
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