[RE-wrenches] IQ8 "line noise" issues?

jasonl at mendocinosolar.com jasonl at mendocinosolar.com
Thu Oct 27 08:58:52 PDT 2022

Hi Lars,

It is likely that the IQ8 micro's are more subject to line noise then 
previous models.  We've had line noise and comm's issues in the past 
with IQ 7's as well.  A cheap solution that we have had some success 
with is to put ferrite core snap together chokes around L1 and L2 PV 
input wiring.  You can get these at Radio Shack for about $6-8 a piece.  
This would be a much cheaper solution then the Enphase filter.   You can 
also try the solid core type, and your installers can just pass the 
conductors through them as they wire the combiner box.  You can also get 
much less expensive in line filters that are similar to the Enphase 
filter on Amazon for $20-50 a piece.  Good luck and happy solaring.

Jason Lord
Mendocino Solar Service

On 2022-10-27 8:21 am, Lars Ortegren via RE-wrenches wrote:
> Seemingly out of the blue we've had a number of installs (all IQ8)
> that are having Line Noise issues preventing the MIs from
> communicating from the Envoy. In both of our recent installs they are
> not in neighborhoods that have a number of systems, and the issue is
> not finding too many, but finding very few to none .
> Enphase has suggested purchasing a Q-LCF-064-1P line filter ($500),
> and I wanted to see if this is something that is "more common" on the
> IQ8 that we should plan on as part of our pricing. Any wrenches found
> cheaper alternatives that work?
> Lars
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