[RE-wrenches] Shipping costs

Dana Orzel dana at solarwork.com
Mon Oct 10 15:46:46 PDT 2022

Most of our hot shot deliveries have been running $2,400, Bay area - Central Idaho thru a broker for our thermal collectors.



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$4200 sounds like “Expedited” Shipping and that usually means a Hot Shot driver with single pickup truck and trailer driving door to door for just your items.  LTL should never be $4200 unless we are in dire conditions.


I hope your items arrive in excellent condition!!





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I am sure all of you are aware of the skyrocketing costs for shipping.  I get it that fuel prices are up and I want truckers to all earn a fair wage.  However I can help but feel there might be some gouging.  For instance, a $900 order for rail was quoted at $4,200 for shipping from Oregon to the central coast of California.  


Fortunately the vendor allowed me to arrange my own shipping.  I used a website called Shiply and got a quote for just over $600 for the same order.  The company I engaged, Globaltranz has been great in communicating concisely and promptly with me and the vendor.


I think the beauty of using a broker is you can connect with shippers that might be travelling the desired route already and can fit your order into an LTL rig already on the road.


The order is not here yet but it is on the way and it appears the transit is on time.


I hope this helps some of you in procuring the parts you need in a timely and cost efficient manner.




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