[RE-wrenches] AC coupled grid tie only inverter

Dave Tedeyan dave at sungineersolar.com
Fri Oct 7 08:42:47 PDT 2022

Hi All,

I've got someone who wants to tie their off-grid system with a Magnum
inverter (which I think is a 4024 PAE inverter) to the grid. Since the
Magnum inverter cannot be grid tied, I was wondering if there is some kind
of simple grid tie inverter that can be the grid interface, while keeping
the existing system in tact.

Otherwise, I see two paths here. The less expensive path would be to ditch
the batteries and connect the panels to a grid tie inverter. Otherwise it
seems that we will need to get another battery based inverter that is meant
to be grid connected to replace the Magnum.


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