[RE-wrenches] Butt End Connector Warning

John john at gosolar.co.nz
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There used to be a chart – supplied years ago – that listed all the metals and showed what was compatible – or not compatible with different metals.

Sadly I can’t seem to find it, but one of the older guys might still have a copy of that chart.

Cheers – John Veix, N.Z.


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You cannot use them with Al. The connection will disintegrate over time. I have pictures somewhere of mismatching rail bonding connectors that were gone in a year. Chris  

On 10/6/2022 9:32 AM, Drake Chamberlin via RE-wrenches wrote:

Our electrical supplier seamlessly transitioned from crimp on butt end connectors, that were listed for CU and AL, to unmarked ones that were approved for copper only. 

I became concerned since there was no marking. Calling two electrical suppliers, the guys at the counter had to look up the device to learn that they were listed for copper only. Talking to one of the counter guys, he agreed that electricians were probably using these for aluminum. 

Since the barrels will be insulated, it is not likely that inspectors will see them. The connectors are made of coated copper. I wonder how much of a problem this will be. 



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