[RE-wrenches] Butt End Connector Warning

Christopher Warfel cwarfel at entech-engineering.com
Thu Oct 6 06:41:54 PDT 2022

You cannot use them with Al. The connection will disintegrate over time. 
I have pictures somewhere of mismatching rail bonding connectors that 
were gone in a year. Chris

On 10/6/2022 9:32 AM, Drake Chamberlin via RE-wrenches wrote:
> Our electrical supplier seamlessly transitioned from crimp on butt end 
> connectors, that were listed for CU and AL, to unmarked ones that were 
> approved for copper only.
> I became concerned since there was no marking. Calling two electrical 
> suppliers, the guys at the counter had to look up the device to learn 
> that they were listed for copper only. Talking to one of the counter 
> guys, he agreed that electricians were probably using these for aluminum.
> Since the barrels will be insulated, it is not likely that inspectors 
> will see them. The connectors are made of coated copper. I wonder how 
> much of a problem this will be.
> Drake
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