[RE-wrenches] old-style SunPower mods and surface polarization

Marco Mangelsdorf marco at pvthawaii.com
Fri Sep 16 11:09:01 PDT 2022

Aloha amigos y amigas,

Those of you who have been SunPower dealers over the years know that the
early style SPR mods required a positive grounding in order to operate
properly as far as produce max power.  As in, without being positively
grounded, a surface polarization occurs which has a significant detrimental
effect on the array's output.

As the transformer-based inverters (SMA, PVP, Xantrex, etc.) have been
failing over the years and the supply of new-in-the-box old stock and
refurbished old-style models dwindling, I've been waiting not so patiently
for someone somewhere to offer a Potential Induced Degradation (PID) device
to be readily available to be used between the pre-Maxeon SPR mods and a
new transformerless inverter (e.g., SMA SB US-41).  Looks like that day has

iLumen in Belgium is now producing such a device and is U.L. listed.
Attached is the spec sheet.

I've been in touch with iLumen and have confirmed that if one purchases a
minimum of (12), they'll cover the shipping.  The cost for the outdoor
model (IP65) is about $700 considering the euro to dollar exchange
rate...again assuming no shipping cost.  Less, than (12), assume a not
insignificant adder to ship.

If you're interested in contacting iLumen, contact me offlist.

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