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I have one of my old high head micro-hydro sites that has worked well with a
Harris Turbine for many years now needing a rebuilt alternator and a new
pelton wheel, or, possibly a new PM turbine. 

I tried contacting  Dennis Ledbetter who gave me a number of years of good
service after Don Harris retired. Dennis is now also retired (as am I,
except for work in my off-grid neighborhood).

Dennis's email bounced over to Jerry Ostermeier at APM Hydro, Grants Pass,

I have a couple of questions for the group.

1.	If I was to go with purchasing a new APM turbine it looks like a
Model 1400PM would be a possibility for the 185' net head at 25 GPM site.
The APM Hydro web site mentions a pelton runner called DELRIN. Does anybody
have any experience with this?
2.	Anyone with experience with APM's products and servicers I would
appreciate your comments with an email to me at palumbo131m at gmail.com
<mailto:palumbo131m at gmail.com>  




David Palumbo

Formerly operating as "Independent Power"

Hyde Park, VT

(802) 888-4917

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