[RE-wrenches] Large current battery combiners, UL Listing

William Miller william at millersolar.com
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Getting listing on something as specialized as you are talking about may be
difficult.  I would turn to the telecom industry for solutions.  Here is
one link
I found.  Their product line is pretty sexy and it is listed.

If you are rolling your own, you can find ampacities for standard copper
bar thicknesses someplace like here
You might fabricate something that looks like one of these
but bigger.  Threading is desirable so you can avoid wrangling nuts on the
back sides, but tapping copper at a reasonable bolt size (likely 3/8-16)
can be tricky.  I am looking for any excuse to buy one of these drill
which can automatically chip-clear.  Basically at this point in my life my
only reason for working is to support my tool addiction.

Good luck.

William Miller

Miller Solar

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Hello Wrenches,

Is anyone aware of a high current, (~3000A DC rated, 48Vdc nominal) battery
combiner panel that would allow for ~36-48 x 4/0 cables to connect?

Seems like nothing will be close to UL listed on this.  How do you go about
building a 60 kW off-grid system on the battery side of things?  Do I need
to increase battery voltage design?

I have gotten a custom busbar fabricated by Storm Power rated for about 2kA
before, but I'd love to have a UL Listed solution for large battery
combining.  Any suggestions are appreciated.



Mac Lewis

"Yo solo sé que no sé nada." *-Sócrates*
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