[RE-wrenches] Large current battery combiners, UL Listing

Mac Lewis maclewis1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 20:46:28 PDT 2022

Hello Wrenches,

Is anyone aware of a high current, (~3000A DC rated, 48Vdc nominal) battery
combiner panel that would allow for ~36-48 x 4/0 cables to connect?

Seems like nothing will be close to UL listed on this.  How do you go about
building a 60 kW off-grid system on the battery side of things?  Do I need
to increase battery voltage design?

I have gotten a custom busbar fabricated by Storm Power rated for about 2kA
before, but I'd love to have a UL Listed solution for large battery
combining.  Any suggestions are appreciated.



Mac Lewis

*"Yo solo sé que no sé nada." -Sócrates*
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