[RE-wrenches] GT inverter for SWWP turbine

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Interesting timing on this Skybox subject. Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting requests for help from a local individual that has been experiencing a lot of problems with his integration of Skyboxes and a Fortress Evault. I am too overwhelmed with my own work to jump right in but still trying to help him out in a limited manner as I feel bad for his situation. Sounds like the two main issues he’s experiencing are lack of success updating firmware in the Skyboxes and related miscommunication with SOC between the components and the charge being terminated once the batteries only reach 30% SOC.

Is it worth the effort of believing once a successful firmware update is completed that the associated problems will be remedied or would those of you experiencing Skybox problems recommend swapping out the inverters before any additional labor expenses are wasted? Seems like he is willing to go for the latter but I’d rather not doom a decent product to e-waste if it’s not necessary. I always avoided the Skybox myself due to their high idle consumption so other than an afternoon training I have no experience with this particular Outback offering.

Enjoy your weekend, Nick

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> Same disastrous experience here as well with the Skyboxes.
> We installed three – I now own them as I replaced them at my expense with another competing product.
> Worse solar product I dealt with in the last 15 years.
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> Skybox is discontinued and tech support is limited. There are still significant software issues with them that make them unreliable for battery back-up. We are in the process of replacing the 3 Skyboxes we wish we had never installed.
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>> Jay
>> Have you (or any Wrench willing to share) installed SkyBox? If so, can you share your experience good or bad? 
>> Can you compare it to Sol-Ark? I’ve installed a half-dozen Sol-Arks but no SkyBox yet. I think I have a customer where SkyBox would be a good fit, but not enough personal data.  
>> Thanks in advance. 
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