[RE-wrenches] Today’s mindbender

Hilton Dier hiltondier at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 18:44:29 PDT 2022

I just had an off grid client have his cousin install an electric water heater and wonder why his system went down overnight on low battery. But that was just typical newbie off grid mission creep. 

You have a full on disaster there, right from the get go. A client with unrealistic expectations that require extraordinary departures from normal practice.

I mean, driveway melt, hot tub, AC, multiple refrigerators, zero planning; it sounds like an elaborate joke. 

I have learned and relearned the great truth that the most important client is the one you turn away. That demanding, picky, unrealistic, clueless, careless deadbeat that will eat your time, money, and emotional energy.

This is one where you walk away. If you somehow manage to install 14 kW and surmount the amperage/ service entrance problem (Mo’ amps, mo’ problems) I will bet the rent that this client will be perpetually dissatisfied. He will crash his battery bank in the first outage. 

Call the client. Say “I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out a way to make this work that satisfies my standards. I don’t think I can make you a satisfied client.” Move on, happy in the knowledge that you dodged a tactical nuclear weapon.

Best of luck,


Hilton Dier III
Renewable Energy Design
Missisquoi River Hydro LLC

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