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William Miller william at millersolar.com
Fri Aug 5 08:29:41 PDT 2022


I am curious if any of you change the temperature compensation values for
charge systems in lead-acid battery systems to comply with a battery
manufacturer’s specifications.  Doing this would require that you drill
down into the technical literature to find that value and then have
inverter and charge control systems that allow you to make such a change.

I looked carefully through the Outback FXR and Mate 3s literature and found
no such setting in the standard values (millivolts per Degree C per cell or
per string).  I did find that Conext XW systems have that capability in the
custom battery menus.  I am not sure about all of the other inverter and
charge control systems out there but if you use any of them it is worth

This has become an issue for me in a warranty claim and I am just curious
what others are doing in this regard.  This is also a heads-up to all of
you that deal with lead acid to make sure you pick batteries that are
compatible with your electronics, particularly VRLA batteries.

Thanks in advance.

William Miller

Miller Solar

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