Acceptance of Module Grounding Clips [RE-wrenches]

Brian Wiley btw at
Tue May 22 11:20:21 PDT 2007

Brian Wiley of Wiley Electronics LLC:

My apologies for not having properly identified myself in the initial 
Thomas Bowes raised a number of questions in his article.  These have 
already been dealt with in various places on our web site, but we 
thought it would be good to repeat the answers again in a form which 
might be suitable for others who have just found out about our grounding 
We wanted to be thorough in responding, but the response was so long we 
felt it best to post as a separate document.  You can find it at

Thanks to Phil Undercuffler for finding the article already and thank 
you Michael Welch for allowing us to directly post a reply.

Brian Wiley
Wiley Electronics LLC
1131 Kings Highway
Saugerties, NY 12477

voice:    845.247.2875 ext. 1#
fax:      845.246.0189
email:    btw at

Mark Frye wrote:
> Being an installer who believes that the Wiley grounding
> clips are the best thing since sliced bread and a huge step forward for 
> the
> industry, I would be interested in anyones feedback on the this article
> which is prominently presented on the NMSU website
> Mark Frye
> Berkeley Solar Electric Systems
> 2504 Webster St
> Berkeley CA 94705-2504
> (510) 685-3042
> markf at

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