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Mo Rousso mrousso at mac.com
Fri May 5 13:57:29 PDT 2006

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Here is one that I love for long cable pulls:


It is also sold by Maxis.  

I recently had a 300ft pull from my ground mounted array to the grid-tie
inverters.  It was a heinous pull in that the contractor left me the min
size conduit, put in too many degrees of bends, and managed to fill the
first sweep with dirt and water.  Just getting the jet line through was a

I had to pull 8 conductors plus the ground.  This little sucker did it!

If any of you have priced cable pullers, you know that they will run several
thousand dollars.  This one cost me in the $600 range from my electrical
distributor, plus you need a Hole Hawg to power it.

I also want to cast my vote for a battery powered impact driver -- they are

If anyone has found the silver bullet for locating rafters other than hammer
and pilot bit, I'm all ears!


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