Magnetic field type water softeners [RE-wrenches]

Bill Loesch, Saint Louis Solar bill_loesch at
Tue Nov 2 10:38:36 PST 2004


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How did you decide on the ECO SOFT unit? 

IMHO, cleaning aerators is a _really_ small price to pay compared to
replacing choked pipes.

Thanks for the post.

Bill Loesch, Solar 1 - Saint Louis Solar

RE-wrenches said:
> Hello All,

>I too was a total skeptic on the coil and magnetic water softeners and I
tried a coil type unit
>called ECO SOFT. We have seen pipe in old homes improve water flow in 60
to 90 days, use less
>laundry soap, hair is much softer after showering/shampooing, shower heads
clogged with calcium
>have cleaned up and scale deposit in the tea pot is now a soft grainy 
layer in the bottom that 
>wipes out with your finger instead of vinegar and a scrubby. One down side
though temporary, has
>been on older homes where a bunch of calcium has dislodged in the house
plumbing and clogged faucet
>screens and required disassembling the aerators on the faucet and cleaning
out the chunks of
>calcium and reassembling. This is not to bad for a down side though.

>As I have it, hard water with calcium in the form of calcite flows thought
the coil area, it is
>changed to argonite, same calcium but argonite does not stick to pipes and
appliances, and plants
>are able to utilize argonite versus not being able to use calcite. Our
plants are much happier, the
>water heater flows way better than before the installation of the coil
type softener. We now sell
>these here in the SW as they use allot less electricity [very small
transformer] than a standard
>ion exchange type water softener [great for off grid clients with hard
water]. Try one you will be
>surprised. A believer now, Dana Responsible Technologies for Responsible
People. Great Solar Works,
>Inc. dana at - 970.626.5253 Ridgway, CO, USA 

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