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Graham Owen graham at
Wed Jun 2 15:08:09 PDT 2004


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Hi Jeff,

Professional Solar Products manufactures 3" flashable Fast-Jack aluminum
They also stock and sell Oatey solar flashings for the 3" standoffs.

Graham Owen
GO Solar Company

Hello Esteemed Wrenches,

For a 7/12 pitch rooftop PV install I was talking to Uni-Rac about 
their SunFrame system - Steve in tech support was recommending that I 
not use standoffs and flashing but just wait till they roofed and use 
the standard L-feet on top of comp method.

My policy has been to install standoffs and stack flashing on new 
construction before the tarpaper goes down so as to facilitate future 
reroofing.  However, the height is then determined by the minimum 
stack flashing you can get and it kind of defeats the purpose of the 
nice low profile SunFrame system.

Am I just creating more hassle than it's worth here.  Are others just 
using the L-feet method even on new construction?  Or does anyone 
have a low-profile flashing method on a short - say 3" - standoff?

Thanks in advance!

Jeff C.
Jeff Clearwater
Village Power Design Associates
Sustainable Energy & Water Solutions for Home & Village gosolar at

413-256-6777,  Fax 413-825-0372
61 Baker Rd
Shutesbury, MA 01072

PO Box 115
Boonville, CA 95415
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