60hz to 50hz [RE-wrenches]

David Palumbo, Independent Power & Light ipl at sover.net
Thu Feb 12 08:13:41 PST 2004

I have a customer who purchased a high quality stainless steel grain mill
grain recently. He was careful to make sure that the wattage (320w) was
within his systems capabilities but he was unaware that he was buying a West
German product that uses 50hz at 220v.

He wants to know the options for operating this from his Trace SW system. I
do not have experience with 50hz motors.

Can he run this off of a t-former at 60hz 235 to 240v? Would it ruin the
motor, as well as run faster?

Is there a device that can drop Hz?

He can return this grain mill, but he really likes the quality I guess and
he wants to know if I can make it work for him.


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