[RE-wrenches] Old Trace SW inverter connected to the grid.

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I have been retired from doing solar installs for 10 years now and I am
reaching out for help as to recommending a solution to an old do-it-yourself
customers question.

His solar system that was formerly off-grid and is now using grid power
instead of a back up generator. 

He had/has no intention of doing a net-metered system. Just trying to reduce
dependance on a fossil fuel genset during our mostly sunless Vermont


He says that he brought in power a few years ago to run their expanding
maple sugaring operation located next to their house. At that time they ran
a 115Vac circuit (grid power) over to their house and connected grid power
into AC Hot In terminal #! in their Trace SW 2512. This is correct as I see
terminal #2 is labeled for generator power. 

He has the Trace programmed for float mode  not sell mode.


Their local utility was working on the line nearby on the main road and
noticed a small amount of current flowing into the grid and figured out
where it was coming from. The utility did not immediately shut him down.
Just told him to correct the problem. He is asking me for advice.


My first inclination is to separate the grid power completely from the
inverter power and to feed both power sources into a double pole double
throw transfer switch. What other options should be considered. 


Thanks in advance and happy holidays,


Dave Palumbo

Formerly > Independent Power & Light

Hyde Park, VT

802-371-8678 voice or text



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