[RE-wrenches] Xantrex AC Fault 186.6v

Ron Young solareagle at solareagle.com
Thu Dec 8 13:57:17 PST 2022

Back in the mid ’90’s one of my businesses used colour laser copiers worth $50k each. Located at the end of a long rural route the voltage would whiplash through a wild range depending on demand upstream (mostly low voltage). It kept blowing the $5,000 lasers out of the copiers until the techs realized the problem after installing a data meter. Problem was solved by installing an isolating voltage conditioner.

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> On Dec 8, 2022, at 1:22 PM, Barton Churchill via RE-wrenches <re-wrenches at lists.re-wrenches.org> wrote:
> I’ve seen services at the end of utility lines have wildly fluctuating voltage, especially during high demand winter months. When voltage goes below or above inverter set points the inverter will disconnect with a fault like you listed. Changing inverters will only help if the new one has a larger voltage window. Otherwise get the utility to install a meter for a month or two, if there is a problem, they have to fix it. Also, if load side mains are undersized for actual load the voltage can drop at the inverter (and everywhere else) causing the same thing.
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> Howdy Wrenches,
> Any "old timers" here care to chime in with some basic info on what I might be heading out to see at a 10+ year old ground mount?  It's a Xantrex displaying the message AC Fault 186.6v.  I'm prepared to head out there and troubleshoot blind if no one has anything to offer up but figured why not post a quick message here in case anyone has insight they wish to share with me prior to my visit next week.  
> Subsequently since this is a ground mount it doesn't need rapid shutdown so if the inverter has failed I probably have some decent options to replace it.  If you've had good luck with a particular brand to use for swaps please share that intel as well.  I don't know how big the array is so all I'm looking for is brands and not models.  
> Most appreciated,
> Sam
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