[RE-wrenches] Simpliphi with SW inverters

William Miller william at millersolar.com
Wed Oct 12 16:26:04 PDT 2022


I have an elderly client with a dual SW system and group 8 AM batteries.
Due to a generator and charge control failure the AGMs failed after just 3
years.  I don’t blame the batteries, they were likely chronically
undercharged for some months.

The client wants to consider using Simpliphi batteries.  The new Schneider
charge controllers will likely program readily for the battery parameters.
I suspect the SW inverter charge settings will likely not be a problem, but
I am open to comments.

How about the generator auto-start?  Will there be a problem finding
settings that will accurately trigger a generator run when needed?

Any insight on interfacing a set of SW inverters to Simpliphi batteries
will be appreciated.


William Miller

Miller Solar

17395 Oak Road, Atascadero, CA 93422



CA Lic. 773985
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