[RE-wrenches] Complying with 690.9(B)

Mac Lewis maclewis1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 08:13:57 PDT 2022

Hello Wrenches,

I have an inspector who doesn't like my heavy duty square D disconnect
loaded with 20A Littelfuse FLSR RK5 Littelfuses for use as a OCPD and
disconnect on a PV circuit.  I am operating below the 300Vdc rating for
this fuse but I'm having trouble finding documentation that states that
this fuse is listed for use in PV systems.
Does anyone know if these fuses have this listing for PV specifically?  Its
not easy to find if they do.
Or perhaps a solar listed fuse designed for this disconnect?

If not, is there another disconnecting device that can work for this?  I am
looking closely at the MNPV6-250 DISCO but again, the 300Vdc breakers that
come with this are listed to  DC branch circuit protection (UL 489A, IEC /
EN 60947-2) not necessarily calling out PV specifically.

Any input is appreciated!



Mac Lewis

*"Yo solo sé que no sé nada." -Sócrates*
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