[RE-wrenches] heating pads for batteries

chris at OasisMontana.com chris at OasisMontana.com
Fri Sep 30 12:33:27 PDT 2022

Hello all you brilliant people:
Does anyone have something new for lightly heating a battery bank in a cold climate?  Something reliable and reasonably efficient?  We’ve been selling LFP batteries for a while, but few to our northern customers who cannot keep them from freezing.  I can give advise about insulated battery boxes (and have one myself), but surely there must be something new out there.  
Here we see low temps of -20F below – sometimes -40…..
I recently spoke with a fellow who offers heaters for gutters to prevent ice creep that can ruin your shingles or roof, but there must be something more adaptable than that.  Any suggestions?
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