[RE-wrenches] sol ark reliability question

Jerry Shafer jerrysgarage01 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 08:24:42 PDT 2022

Solark issues, I have them living off grid, 3 phase and grid tied back up,
both AC and DC coupled with only one intermittent comms issue, does not
seem to have any more issues than OB and less than Schnieder, all are
connected to Fortress 18.5's or Blue Planet BMS interface seems hardy,
Would be good to know what issues he is having to accurately help

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> Hi All,
> I’ve got a question about how many folks are having issues with sol-ark
> products?
> the reason i ask is that i’ve got a friend, a good competent installer (
> well versed in OB, Schneider, magnum)  who’s had continuing nightmares with
> them.
> he’s got 2 systems each on is a stacked pair of 12kw units, both offgrid.
> each system was designed by sol-ark, meaning the design was approved by
> them for the loads/solar etc.
> He’s been through 7 MCU swaps.
> He’s been through a field call required because the over the air firmware
> update caused the inverters to go into 50hz and for some reason that isn’t
> fixable via the web.
> He had an inverter that didn’t work correctly out of the box.  They
> charged him $2500 deposit for a replacement.
> Then they charged him $1500 to fix the inverter he sent back under
> warranty.  Thats right $1500 to fix a warranty which they agreed was a
> warranty issue.
> Hes not going to pay but this $1500 has been going on a while.
> The inverter they sent to replace the broken one had a older MCU firmware
> so wouldn’t stack and it took tech support way to long to figure that out
> then they had to send him a new MCU…...
> And the list goes on.
> But Im asking, is this poor guy just an anomaly or will anyone else chime
> in about issues?,
> Because at this point I have no desire to install one given his experiences
> Jay
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