[RE-wrenches] Sol-Ark phase imbalances

Jerry Shafer jerrysgarage01 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 12:33:48 PDT 2022

The 15 is not that similar to the 12, there is no OCP on most of the AC
inputs, this means you need to add that in, connection to the grid will
require a OPD maybe a traditional AC disco we used for years, you may need
a 200 amp with fuses as required by your meter max. Off grid you would not
need this but use of a genny would over 12 k or so you still do. Load out
of balance has gotten better with firmware upgrades. Over 2 battery inputs
will require a battery combiner, l have had no issues with solark on off
grid usage. Fortress battery links up well with the solarks.
Fun times

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> Is there a white paper or a thorough explanation of the issue Sol-Ark had
> with large imbalances between phases. I am looking at a large residential
> off-grid system using potentially (2)15 kw Sol-Arks. What are the concerns
> specifically around unbalanced inductive loads.
> Also, I have not installed multiple Sol-Arks before. Any suggestions or
> issues it would be good to be aware of?
> Thanks,
> Howie
> Sun Catcher
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