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I’ve never installed simplify batteries. Do they make their own state of
charge monitor?
The trimetric has a perimeter called charge efficiency % You can tweak that
to get it to match the any benchmark more closely.
Also the trimetric should be reset to full on a regular basis, When you
have confidence the batteries are full. All trimetrics drift off over time,
especially given the unique charge characteristics of lithium-ion’s versus
lead acid batteries.

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> Hello Friends,
> I have an off-grid customer for whom I recently installed some SimpliPhi
> 3.8kW batteries.  This is an older system and it has a Trimetric battery
> monitor that the homeowners have used for years to keep an eye on their
> battery bank.
> The SimpliPhi batteries appear to be working fine at the site, but the
> homeowners feel uneasy b/c the Trimetric is reporting that they are
> finishing each charging cycle with an amp-hour deficit.  The voltage of the
> SimpliPhi batteries indicate that they are getting fully charged and are
> doing so fairly early in the AM (solar is the primary power source).
> I've spoken with SimpliPhi tech folks and their hunch is that the
> Trimetric is not reporting correctly.  They suggested that a Victron
> BMV-712 would be more accurate at tracking Percent Full etc...
> Do you folks think that the Victron is better at counting Ah in/out for Li
> batteries?  Or is the Trimetric adequate - do I maybe just need to adjust
> the settings?
> Anyway, the implication that the Victron BMV was better at monitoring Li
> batteries has me curious and I will enjoy hearing what the group thinks.
> Thanks for your time!
> -Matt
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