[RE-wrenches] MPPT voltage changes

Maverick Brown maverick at mavericksolar.com
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Do you have 5 60-cell or 5 72-cell modules in series? 

I recall that active tracking has to have 230V to start and then can go down to 195V. I’m reading from an old manual, though. 

The new manual is here:

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> Schnieder MPPT 100/600 charge controllers have in their menu a place to change the “MPPT” voltage setting from 600VDC down to 195VDC. In doing so all it seems to do is disable the controller and displays the screens; operating , not charging.
> I was trying to use this setting as I have a small array, (no room for any more then 5) 405 modules) a distance from my batteries. I am old enough to be quite aware of “VAPOR WARE” and old enough to know that there may be someone that has reset this setting and actually had it function. Manufacture alledges it “should work”………..NO white paper or any additional info from SE Solar either. Anyone?
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