[RE-wrenches] Current Transformers (CTs) paralleled for multiple panel measure?

scot.arey at solarcentex.com scot.arey at solarcentex.com
Thu Aug 11 11:26:22 PDT 2022

Good day,


We have a 400-amp meter can with no external disconnect; through the back of
the meter can, the conductors go through wall to two inside 200-amp panels.


We installed a Sol-Ark 15 (love it!) and had the included 320-amp CTs in the
meter box but the utility has had change of heart and said nothing could go
in there.


A you know, the Solar-Ark can accept a pair of CTs to perform its "Limit to
Home" functionality, but it can't accept two.


We're considering paralleling the two separate pairs of CTs from each panel
though an appropriate CT-wire sized connector to parallel the two L1 CTs and
the two L2 CTs into single wire outputs that can land in the inputs of the
Solar-Ark. There is little possibility of extending the wires of the
existing meter can to a new disconnect before it goes inside.




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