[RE-wrenches] Dark Starting Simpliphi PHI3.5 batteries

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      48 volt lithium battery charger. Signature solar sells one. 


Peter Giroux

American Solar


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Hi All,

I was called into a job of a previously off-grid system that new owners had an electrician bring the grid to, but the batteries ( a pair of Simpliphi 3.5, which I have no experience with) have been dead for an unknown period of time previously. I am trying to figure out the easiest way to restart the system which has a VFX 3648 and FM60. I'm thinking the easiest way is to bring in a 48volt charger to get the battery voltage up high enough to start the FM60 and/or VFX, but that means purchasing a 48 volt charger, since I don't have any Iotas sitting around any more.  If anyone has an easier way to restart the batteries I'd love to hear it.



Howie Michaelson
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