high voltage systems without dc discos [RE-wrenches]

Mon Dec 13 17:11:02 PST 2004


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Hello Jerry:
         I think you should keep the DC Disconnect, but I think that some 
clarification is required.  The Sharp JH-3500U inverter does not include a 
DC disconnect which is rated for disconnecting under load.  The inverter 
needs a separate disconnect, and it is supposed to be fused, because the 
inverter could allow a short circuit from the AC side to be conducted on 
the DC side.  The Xantrex's new 3000 watt inverter includes the DC 
Disconnect, which is rated for disconnecting under load, and the disconnect 
enclosure can be separated from the inverter enclosure for 
servicing.  Therefore, a separate DC disconnect is not preferred for the 
new Xantrex inverter, but it would be for the Sharp or Fronius inverters.

At 04:15 PM 12/13/2004, you wrote:

>A selling point being given to us for the "other"
>(sharp, fronius, xantrex) high voltage string
>inverters is that we don't need an external high
>voltage DC disconnect due to the one being provided on
>board the inverter.
>While in the process of giving competing quotes when I
>know my competitors are specifiying the newer
>inverters, I have been tempted to not include a DC
>disco to keep my price as low as possible.  But when I
>think of the inevitable swap out(s) over the life of
>the system, I can't bring myself to jeopardize the
>safety of future techs who will be performing the
>swaps.  I'm acually ok with the thought of myself
>taping off wires and pulling an inverter off the wall.
>  The lack of control I have over what others may do
>down the line is what bothers me.
>Does anyone feel differently?  Are wrenches intalling
>high voltage systems without discos?
>Jerry Caldwell
>NABCEP Certified PV Installer
>Light Energy Systems
>965 Detroit Ave
>Concord, CA 94518
>925-680-4343 office
>510-205-2798 mobile
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